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Nowadays, people in Bangladesh are very familiar with gold. They are very interested in buying gold. They are utilizing gold to create jewelry. To sell or buy gold, you must know the correct market price. Because the price of gold changes frequently.

This metal is durable and non-corrosive. It has visual beauty and magnetic appeal. In July, the price of gold crossed the Rs 100,000 mark, marking a historic first in Bangladesh. Gold prices hit a new milestone on November 29, when Bajus set the price per Vori at more than Tk 1.09 lakh. Although Bangladesh does not import substantial quantities of gold, its price fluctuates consistently with global changes and inherent volatility in the local market.

Today Gold Price 2024 :

Global and international business conditions are the main reason for the increase in gold prices nowadays. Over the past year, the ascent of gold prices, propelled by surges in the global market and fluctuations in domestic supply, has been a cause for concern. Dewan Aminul Islam, Vice-President of the Bajus, expressed worry about the alarming rate of gold price escalation, noting a steady decline in daily sales.

Gold Price in Bangladesh 2024 Today :

Today, 22 karat gold per gram in Bangladesh is 9,520 BDT, and 21 karat gold per gram is 9,090 BDT. The price of 18 karat gold per gram is 7,790 BDT. The traditional gold price per gram is 6,490 BDT. At the same time, the 22 karat 1 Vori gold price in Bangladesh Today 2024 is 117136 BDT. 21 karat 1 Vori gold price is 111807 BDT. 18 karat 1 Vori gold price is 95833 BDT. Traditional 1 Vori gold price is 79229 BDT. ( Last update – 28/05/2024 ).

Gold Price (20-01-2024)
Karat Price/Gram Price/Vori
22 KARAT Gold 10,046 BDT 117136.36 BDT
21 KARAT Gold 9,589 BDT 111807 BDT
18 KARAT Gold 8,219 BDT 95833 BDT

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today per Vori :

The relation between Gram and Vori is 1 Vori = 11.6638038 Gram.

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

The price of 1 Vori gold price in Bangladesh is 1,11,0,03.2 BDT. But this price is only fixed for some customers and sellers. The buyer and seller’s conditions and expectations can differ. Market conditions have little impact on it. However, the accurate market price is given in this article. The primary measurement of gold is the kilogram, but the people of Bangladesh like to measure it as Vori.

Gold Converter Vori To Grams with TK or Vori To Grams & TK:

Using the below converter you can convert Vori to grams easily. This is the Vori to Grams Converter. Just need to enter the Vori amount then below immediately see the Grams.

Gold Price Calculator

Gold Price Calculator – Grmas To Price or Vori To Grmas & Price

Grams To Price


Vori To Grams & Price

Total Price:

Also, you can check the price easily. First, you enter Vori quantity then select Karat. After that, you can see the Vori to Grams and gold price in Bangladesh.

If you like the converter comment below and provide a review.

\Ajker Gold Price in Bangladesh :

Gold prices fluctuate based on market demand, geopolitical events, and economic conditions. When interest rates are low, the opportunity cost of holding non-interest-bearing assets like gold decreases, making it more attractive to investors.

The jewelry industry also contributes to the demand for gold, with cultural and fashion trends influencing consumer preference. According to the last update today gold price in Bangladesh in Vori is 1,11,0,03.2 BDT for standard 22 karat.

Karat is a gauge denoting the gold proportion in an alloy out of 24 parts, making 18K gold equivalent to 18/24 parts gold. Interestingly, the interchangeable use of “carat” instead of “karat” to signify gold fineness is widely accepted.

24k– 100% Gold.(Pure Gold)
22K– 91.67% Gold.(8.33% Other alloys)
21K– 87.5% Gold(12.5% Other alloys)
18k– 75% Gold.(25% Other alloys)
14K– 58.3% Gold.(41.7% Other alloys)

22k Gold Price in Bangladesh Today :

22K gold is 91.67% pure and 8.33% of other alloys. The highest purity of gold without any other metals is 24 carats. Additional cartages contain less gold. 18 carats contain 75% gold and 25% other metals, often copper or silver. 22k Gold price in Bangladesh Today, 2024, is 9,520 BDT/Gram. And 1,11,003.2 BDT/Vori.

21K Gold Price in Bangladesh Today :

21K Gold is 87.5% pure and 12.5% of other alloys. The purity of 21K gold is extremely high, making it a verified gold value. If the stamp reads 21K, it means that the bracelet, earrings, or ring is made of 21-karat gold out of a maximum of 24 karat gold.

18K Gold Price in Bangladesh Today:

18K Gold is 75% pure and 25% other alloys Most rings sell 18k gold, the alloy with the highest amount of gold content, and it has a colour closer to that of pure gold. The high-end jewelry industry is the primary use of 18k gold due to its higher value and slightly lower durability. In addition, it is reasonably pure but not overly soft. Karat standards may vary from one country to the next.

Gold Gram, Ana, KG Price in Bd:

1 Ana Gold Price in Bangladesh :

As a unit of Vori the unit of Vorii was valued as the unit of Vori in ancient times equivalent to 1 rupee or Paisa in regional language. Roti is the smallest unit of Vori. 1 Ana equals 6 rotis and 1 Vori equals 16 ana. International level 1 Vori = 11.66 grams (approx.). 1 Ana Gold Price 22k is 6.937 BDT (approx.).

1 Gram Gold Price in Bangladesh :

According to BAJUS, the price of 1 gram of gold in Bangladesh differs by karat. 22k Gold 9,529 BDT/gram. 21k Gold 9,090 BDT/Gram. 18K Gold 7790/Gram. Traditional 6,490/Gram. However, the people of Bangladesh used to measure the amount of gold as Vori, Ana, and Roti.

  • 1 Vori – 11.66 Grams(approx.)
  • 1 Vori – 16 Ana.
  • 1 Ana – 6 Roti.

1 KG Gold Price in Bangladesh :

According to Bajus, the cost of 1 gram of gold is 9520, which means that 1 kilogram of gold is priced at 95,20,000 BDT. However, it can differ depending on the place, market, conditions, and expectations of both buyers and sellers.

Previous Week Gold Price in Bangladesh :

Gold is known as a symbol of wealth, power, and majesty. Gold has been used as jewelry and an object of exchange. Gold has a significant economic role for a country. This store of value can be invested and used as an exchange. So, lots of people buy gold daily as an investment. For this, you need to know the previous gold price in Bangladesh to see if it will increase or not in the past. According to BAJUS, the gold price record for the last week.

Date   Price/Vori (22K)

White Gold price in Bangladesh :

The original purpose of white gold was to imitate platinum, which is a naturally white metal. The typical white gold composition is an alloy with approximately 75% gold and 25% nickel and zinc. If it were stamped at 18 karat, it would be 75% pure gold.

What is White gold

But the price differs depending on the amount of gold used and the karat used on the product. Additionally, white gold, an alloy of gold and other white metals like palladium, nickel, or silver, may have different price points depending on its purity (measured in karats) and the prevailing market rates for the alloying metals.

Remember that market conditions and prices can change, so it’s essential to consult reliable sources for the latest information on white gold prices in Bangladesh.

 Significance of Gold in Bangladesh :

Gold has been considered a special place in Bangladeshi culture and tradition for centuries. Beyond its cultural significance, gold is also a widely used investment option in Bangladesh. Understanding the dynamics of gold prices in the country is crucial for investors and enthusiasts alike.

Factors Influencing Gold Prices :

Countless factors, both local and global, influence the price of gold. These factors range from economic indicators to geopolitical events, creating a dynamic environment that shapes the value of this precious metal.

Historical Trends of Gold

Evolution Over the Years

The historical trends of gold price in Bangladesh unveil a fascinating journey. From periods of stability to moments of distrust, the cost of gold has been subject to various economic and political influences. A closer look at these historical patterns provides valuable insights into the factors that have shaped the gold market in Bangladesh.

Impact of Global Economic Events

Gold prices worldwide resist significant economic shocks, such as a Financial Crisis or Political Tensions. A deep perspective on the global gold market’s interconnection features can be drawn from analyzing how these events have affected historical price trends for gold in Bangladesh.

Current Gold Price in Bangladesh :

 Factors Contributing to Current Price

The complex interplay of the factors is reflected in current gold prices in Bangladesh. Understanding the contributors to today’s gold prices is vital for all market players, from demand and supply factors within the country to global market trends.

Regarding gold prices, what does Bangladesh do compared with its regional counterparts? The comparative analysis will reveal whether the country has followed regional trends or if there are specific factors that affect its gold market.

 Factors Influencing Gold Prices in Bangladesh :

Factors Influencing Gold Prices

Global Economic Indicators

Global economic indicators, including inflation and interest rates, play a pivotal role in determining the gold price in Bangladesh. Understanding the impact of those indicators on Bangladesh’s gold prices is an essential insight for investors and economists.

Local Demand and Supply Dynamics

The local dynamics of demand and supply for gold within Bangladesh contribute significantly to its pricing. Factors such as cultural events, festivals, and wedding seasons often influence the demand for gold, impacting its prices in the local market.

Currency Exchange Rates

Because gold is traded globally, its price in local markets can be influenced by currency exchange rates. Understanding the link between exchange rates and gold prices is essential to predict trends and make informed investment choices.

Gold Investment Opportunities :

Gold Investment Opportunities

Buying Gold Jewelry

In Bangladesh, buying gold jewelry is a widespread way of doing so. Buying gold as an investment is what you can use it for because buying gold is your asset. You can make some money if you sell gold for a profitable price because gold prices are changing regularly. But you’d better keep a close eye on Gold’s market strategy. That’s why one kind of good investment is buying gold.

Gold Coins and Bars

Gold coins also provide inflation protection, just like the golden bullion bars. Protecting yourself from inflation is one of the fundamental reasons why some people have invested in gold. Stock prices are usually falling during periods of high inflation. On the contrary, gold coins seem to tend to hold costs.

Investment Strategies

You can be rewarded by investing in gold. But there’s a different kind of investment in gold. Gold has a history of using money. However, none of the governments use a gold standard. The international currency strategy, world business conditions, and current political situation should also be considered when investing in gold because these conditions can alter the gold market at any time.

Tips for Gold Buyers in Bangladesh :

Researching Current Prices

To buy gold, buyers need to know the current price of gold. Because there’s often a significant change in the price of gold, you should be aware of the gold price in Bangladesh when you decide to purchase gold. In other words, the buyer will buy gold higher than the market price. So, for the buyer, it’s a miserable matter.

Choosing Reliable Sellers

Therefore, many deceitful gold traders and scam artists are selling Gold for much more than the market price. And they’re selling Gold, which isn’t the pure or correct metal of Gold. So, you can lose money if you can not buy Gold from reliable sellers. Before selecting a seller, you should research the market from where you want to purchase Gold.

Understanding Purity and Hallmarks

With no other metals, 24K gold is pure gold. The gold in 22K is 91.67% pure, while the rest are 8.33% alloys. The 20K gold is 87.5% pure, the rest of the alloyed gold is 12.5% pure and 75% are other alloys. The purity of 14k gold is 58.3%, while the other alloys are 41.7%. You want gold to be pure and stable before you buy it. You’ll also want to look for the Hallmarks of where you are going to buy gold.

Future Outlook for Gold Prices in Bangladesh :

As far as the price of gold is concerned, all kinds of wars and currency issues significantly impact the world’s political situation and global economic conditions. In the long term, the price of gold will grow steadily. The price will be increasing even more in 2025-2030. Gold prices rise when the markets are volatile, with a high demand for gold.

Vori to Gram Conversion Table:


How much gold price in Bangladesh?

The price of gold in Bangladesh fluctuated based on international market rates and local demand. Check this article for the current price. You can know all the karates gold price in Bangladesh with daily updates.

What is the price of gold in Bangladesh?

Check this article for the most accurate and recent rates to check jewelers’ price updates and financial news. We provide up-to-date information on gold prices, which fluctuate due to market conditions.

What is the gold price today in Bangladesh?

Gold prices in Bangladesh can be found on this site. Gold rates can change rapidly due to market fluctuations. To find the latest gold price in Bangladesh, check this site, They typically offer up-to-date information on prevailing gold rates.

How much is the price of 22k gold in Bangladesh?

Gold prices, especially for different purities like 22k, can fluctuate frequently due to market dynamics. To obtain the most accurate and recent price of 22k gold in Bangladesh, visit We can provide you with the current rates for 22k gold.

How to calculate gold ornaments price in Bangladesh?

Calculating the price of gold ornaments in Bangladesh involves:
Current Gold Rate: Check the current gold price per gram for the specific purity (like 22k). Weight x Purity: Multiply the ornament’s weight by the purity fraction to find the pure gold content. Multiply by Rate: Multiply the pure gold content by the current rate per gram to estimate the ornament’s value. Remember, this estimation might not include additional charges like making fees or other premiums.

What is the traditional gold price today in Bangladesh?

Gold prices can fluctuate frequently due to market changes. To find the traditional gold price today in Bangladesh, in Bangladesh for the most up-to-date rates site. Standard gold prices often reflect the prevailing market rates for gold in the country.

How many gram in 1 vori gold?

So, in words, one Vari is equal to eleven point six grams. If Converting to a mathematical sentence, 1 Vari = 11.6638038 grams according to international.

1 Vori Koto Gram?

As a unit of Vori, the unit of Vori was valued as the unit of Vori in ancient times equivalent to 1 rupee or Kachha Paisa in regional language. Rati is the smallest unit of Vori. 1 anna equals 6 Ratis and 1 Vori equals 16 annas. International level 1 Vori = 11.66 grams (approx).

How many grams is equal to 127 Vori?

Answer: 1 Vori = 11.6638038 grams
∴ 127 bhari = (127 × 11.6638038) grams = 1481.3030826 grams